JUN 24

Virtual June 24 Fort Wayne SOUP



New to SOUP? We are an organization that provides a platform for people with good ideas to share them and compete for a chance for funding.

Four pre-recorded presentations will be uploaded to our Facebook Page on Friday, June 18.

Watch the videos and choose your fave. Then get ready to vote.

Voting will happen virtually and will be open until 6:00 pm ET on the day of the event, June 24.

Only ticket holding attendees will be granted a vote. You will use the Eventbrite order number to cast your virtual vote via an online form.

All virtual attendees will be able to leave questions and comments in the comments section.

All ticket proceeds, as well as matching funds from our sponsors, will be awarded to the winning idea.

The winner will be announced on Thursday, June 24 at 8:00 pm ET via Facebook live.