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If you think owning your own restaurant is an impossible dream, think again. Or better yet, ask Troy Tiernon. Tiernon serves as general manager of CookSpring, a commercial/commissary kitchen at The Summit that rents space at affordable prices to culinary entrepreneurs. “We’re currently supporting thirty members from the community,” said Tiernon.  “At least sixty members […]

Most businesses stem from the same place: an idea. And that’s all it takes to move toward an entrepreneurial venture. It’s easy to get intimidated by the success of others, so it’s important to remember that their success is rooted in the same first step as yours… a light bulb moment where they realized they […]

We often talk about entrepreneurship in stages—that is, what stage of growing your business are you in—Idea? Startup? Existing? Northeast Indiana is rich in resources for each of these stages. But what about the stages, that occur even before those? As our region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem grows stronger, and we become better at supporting our current […]

Whether you’re a new entrepreneur or you’re a seasoned veteran, the new year is a prime time to make new goals, or even to just reset from the previous years. From financial opportunity (it is a new calendar year, which means a new tax year!) to social opportunity, position yourself for a successful 2020 with […]