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Isaac Fincher, 29, and his siblings are proud products the city’s South side. They went to Prince Chapman Academy, then to South Side High School. “We grew up in the church,” Fincher says, noting that his father, Isaac R. Fincher, was and still is a pastor, now at the Eleventh Missionary Baptist Church in the […]

The phrase flipping a house doesn’t speak to the artist in Sergio Perez De Leon, owner of Leon Properties Enterprise, a business that buys, renovates, and sells homes in Fort Wayne. “When you say the word flip, it sounds like a quick turnaround,” De Leon said. “I like to renovate, to bring houses back to […]

Homemade pie. If that brings to mind tempting smells and mouthwatering taste, you’re not alone. “Because pie is meant to be shared,” as the tagline for Bakerson Pie Co. says. Owner Angela Harrison credits her great-great-aunt for setting the baking standard she follows, but the recipes are hers. All of the pies are homemade and […]

During General Motor’s shutdown due to COVID-19, Janice Hodges of Fort Wayne came to a life-altering conclusion. “I thought: There has to be more to life than this,” she says. Hodges has been working for GM for 32 years. While she’s thankful for the position, she’s known for a long time now that it wasn’t […]