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Stephanie Ruiz grew up in a large Latino family in California. On holidays, the women in her family would spend hours together in the kitchen, making tamales. “I loved it because you’d hear stories and learn about your family,” Ruiz says. When she was 10-years-old, her immediate family moved to Fort Wayne for her father’s […]

Build Institute Fort Wayne graduate Flora Barron was always concerned with health and wellness. Being in shape, she said, “Is something that I struggle with.” So, when she decided to open Kanela, a new coffee, juice, and smoothie shop at 618 South Harrison St., she steered its offerings and environment so “A family and their […]

“Growing up, I was a shop kid,” Kachell Smith said, recalling the many hours she watched her stylist mom in action at the Something Different Salon. Now, at age 26, Smith has her own salon—Liberty Beauty—which had its grand opening on September 13, 2020. Asked how it feels to be a salon owner, she  said, […]

Meet Dr. Paula Neuman. She owns NE Psychological, LLC, providing neuropsychological and psychological assessment and treatments for adults and children. But Dr. Neuman is much more than the owner—she’s the whole operation. “I’m the front desk person, the doctor, and everyone else,” she said. “The challenge is growing the business in order to hire the […]